Series 1 is from the installation exhibition Momentum by David Katzenstein

Momentum is a collection of more than 100 of Katzenstein’s black and white images from around the world that are linked together through movement. The exhibition, assembled in long grids of 12×18 prints, demands in the simple process of viewing another kind of motion. No modern trains, planes and automobiles here, but rather the singular grace of a boy chasing a lamb, along with the passion of a marching woman baring it all for peace; a man walks by on a London street, another runs by in Kamakura pulling a rickshaw. Zulu men dance in South Africa in the same room with a Hula Hoop-er in France and a Mardi Gras woman flaunting it in Tokyo. Emblematic of one of the oldest forms of transportation, on one wall horses run wild across three panels above playful Bhutanese men. On another wall, harnessed and ridden horses rush to the finish line. They are surrounded by images from Italy, Egypt and Ecuador. Katzenstein has also included imagery of movement where there is none, just the hand of humanity making the way for someone.  This body of work comes out of the great 20th century school of traditional documentary photography, and the black and white compositions appeal to the viewer by showing how the most recognizable common motion can become art, and how the unusual motion of distant cultures can become sublime.

— Claudia Monaco                        Director, In Camera Gallery

To view the entire Momentum installation exhibit by David Katzenstein click here

© David Katzenstein

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