Katzenstein recently directed and filmed the 30 second spot #OppositeDay for Ill Eagle Marketing.
Here is the Press Release:

President Trump has a habit of telling us the opposite of what is true, so this Wed., Feb. 22, 2017, has been declared the first #OppositeDay by Operation Orange, a collective of directors, writers, designers, developers, strategists, lawyers and accountants who are working to provide Americans with productive actions to protest President Trump.

“This Wednesday we invite everyone to follow the lead of the president and say the opposite of what is true,” said J. Kent Pepper, creative director at Ill Eagle Marketing and a collaborator on Operation Orange. “Our goal is not to mock the president, but to remind him the truth matters, and there is only one set of facts–except on Wednesday, when words will mean their opposite. On that day we’ll all have something in common with President Trump.”

Operation Orange announced #OppositeDay in a commercial that aired Feb. 17 on CNN and during FOX & Friends, because President Trump frequently watches that program. The spot features a succession of orange-clad citizens speaking directly to President Trump, telling him that at least on National Opposite Day “the words you utter will be true.”

The name Operation Orange was chosen to indicate a simple action Americans can take–wearing orange–to make their disapproval to the Trump administration obvious to those around them. It is also an act of solidarity with other like-minded Americans.

Operation Orange will be an ongoing series of actions that anyone can participate in to show opposition to President Trump and his agenda.

“The president needs to understand he is the president of all Americans, so it is his obligation to look out for the best interests of everyone,” Mr. Pepper added.

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