China Markets


Market Scene, Beijing

China Markets is a series Katzenstein began on his first visit to China in 2001 and continued during a few more visits through 2004.  He scoured local flea markets in search of vestiges of paraphernalia from a previous time period.  The image selected here is from a larger collection of work that explores the concept of nostalgia for a previous time.  Katzenstein does not know who actually purchases Mao statues, books or clocks (other than curious tourists), but the founding leaders of Chinese communism live on in these markets and their memorabilia make for an interesting collection of images.

The photographs are even more intriguing when juxtaposed against the backdrop of physical upheaval that surrounds the actual markets where the memorabilia is sold.  Surrounding older neighborhoods are being raised and construction of new modern buildings is clogging the skyline.  Recent viewpoints of China have been on a grand scale.  This series serves is a micro perspective.

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